Top 3 Tips to a Healthy Holiday Season

Good morning! Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, that means there are many sugary deserts and lots of food to come! The holiday season is where a lot of people see some weight and/or over eating occurs. Here are some awesome tips that will help you not fall in this category! 1) use small dishes, that way you won’t over eat by wanting to fill a large plate. By having a small plate or bowl you may fill it up but it will be much smaller portions! 2)Don’t have all the different dishes of food out in front of you on the table. Keep them on the counter away from the table, this will give you less temptation to scooping seconds onto your plate. 3) use substations to your recipes. There are so many different items you can use instead of “bad for you” ingredients! For example, instead of sugar try using plain Greek yogurt or applesauce.

Check out this black bean brownie recipe! There delicious and trust me they don’t taste like black beans!!!
Black Bean Brownies YUM!

Thanks for reading ! Comments and questions are welcome 🙂


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