Kids don’t need kids’ food; What’s your opinion?

Hello everyone take a look at Marion Nestle’s blog from today >>>Nov 12, 2012: Kids don’t need kids’ food

My Response: Scooby Doo fruit snacks, Gushers, and Capri’s Sun are only a few of what we Americans typically think of as kid snacks. But why if we wouldn’t want to consume these unhealthy treats would we feed them to our kids? They are humans just like adults. As Dr Nestles expresses in her blog today how “it’s hard to make healthy food choices when healthy foods are not available”, it took me a second to realize that this is certainly true for some parts of the country. I don’t think I have really thought of this actually being true because I haven’t personally experienced this. She made me open my eyes to and think about how difficult that would be to want to eat healthy fruits and veggies, like we are trying to push here in America, yet not be able to because some individuals don’t really have that option as easily as we think everyone has it. Furthermore, I agree with Dr Nestle and her reasoning behind why kids don’t need kids’ food. If our children grow up eating and knowing what leafy greens and fresh fruits are, then eating healthy wouldn’t be something that would need to be taught when they got older. I think growing up eating healthy foods along with parents educating their kids on from early on, it would decrease a lot of the obesity and health problems. Another thought that came to me as I was reading this; if our children were eating the same foods as the adults are, that would save families tons of money on groceries. For example, instead of buying the expensive individual packaged kids snacks, you could buy a bundle of bananas for .44 cents a pound or a bag of baby carrots for the entire family to eat that is less expensive than the unhealthy kids’ snacks. In my opinion eating healthy foods is very important, therefore having healthy food choices should be required to have available in places whether they are inner rural areas, everyone should have equal opportunity to better themselves!

What does everyone think? Leave your comments!


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