Top 3 Tips to a Sucessful Workout

Hello everyone,

Glad to be back in the grove of things, sorry i’ve been slanking on posting in here! So everyone loves a good workout right?? That amazing feeling after you leave the gym feeling great about yourself and it’s never a regreted decision. But, in order to have a sucessful workout I believe there are a few things to do that can make a big difference in your results. 1) Know exactly what body part/area you are going to be working. Everytime you go to the gym you should know what area of your body you plan to workout that day, that way when you get there (or even before hand would be best) you can already have a good idea on which exercises and machines you are going to use. I have found myself standing around sometimes, losing my momentum, trying to figure what to do next. 2) Always have a playlist of music. Create numerous playlists that include songs that will keep you pumped up and ready to move, don’t waste your time filtering through songs trying to find one. Music can really be encouraging and keep a person going, in my experirence I can tell a difference when I go the gym with music vs without music (especially doing cardio). Lastly, always eat around an hour before you go workout. In order to have energy to lift, run or whatever it may be you have to fuel your body to keep it running. Just like your car needs fuel to keep going, your body needs food to keep going.

Try these 3 things and let me know how your next gym experirence works out for you 🙂

CLICK>>>> Here are some good foods to eat prior to your workout

Also these are some fabulous pre-workout snack ideas, TRY THEM 🙂

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