The Junk Food Challenage

Good afternoon everyone!

Today yall should make it the start of something new and clean out your refridgerators as well as your pantry!! We all know that junk food is addicting and if it’s in front of you it just makes it harder to resist. But wait, stop and think if you don’t have it available to you in your household wouldn’t that make it alot easier to avoid? Get rid of all the junk food and sugary drinks! Next, start planning your meals during the week so you know exactly what to get at the grocery store rather than just wondering the aisles where you could very easily spy a bag of Dortios. Something that I just recently thought of would be an excellent idea (and make my life alot easier) would be to make a little menu for yourself/family/roomates! Post it on the fridge each day and you will know exactly what is for breakfast lunch and dinner to keep yourself on track toward a healthy lifestyle. You can even include mid-day snacks as well. Just remember if your available to healthy options your more likely to consume them 🙂



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