The Truth about Diets

Good evening all,

The holidays is typically when people decide its time to “get in shape” or “start watching what they eat” Instead of just saying and/or doing this once a year, how about making it part of your lifestyle? Have you ever thought about instead of putting yourself on a “strict diet” for a short period of time, that instead if you just normally eat healthier food choices. That means there really wouldn’t be much of a change toward your eating habits when  it comes to swim suit season??!! This doesn’t mean elimiting yourself from your favorite foods or never being able to have a bowl of ice cream (I mean lets get real ice cream is way to yummy to never eat) A change in your lifestyle of eating choices could mean simply just having one day a week that you choose to cave in and have something that you know you shouldn’t consume on a daily basis. I don’t really believe in diets because once someone is said to be off their diet or done with there diet, what happens? They go right back to eating the junk they did before they started the diet. You need to make it a lifestyle change and live by eating healthy not just 3 months out of the year! You know there always a way to make your favorite comfort dish in a more healthier way,take some time and search for recipes of your favorite foods but lightened, they are out there! Hold yourself accountable and make these changes for in the long run you will look and feel so much better with what you have choosen to put into your body.

Here are some websites with awesome healthier alternatives to yours and mine fav comfort foods


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