CLEAN EATS, a great way to let your body love you again

Wow, it’s been awhile since I have wrote on here and boy does it feel good to get back at it!

I have started a new journey in my life with eating only clean foods. No processed foods, fried, anything! Yes it will be a challenge to resist the temptaration of sweets!!!! This is definately my weak spot but I know there are some great alternatives out to satify my sweet tooth. 2 easy steps tpward eating clean has to include 1) prepping meals; if you do not have food prepped in advanced, it is more likely of you to either not eat (VERY BAD) or grab something quick (most likely processed). Eating clean does’nt mean eating plain, flavorless foods! There are many different foods that are clean that can be seasoned correctly, baked/mixed with something else, heated, and prepared differently to taste yummy. The key is you must be CREATIVE with your food! I have been experiencing with different types of vegatables that I have not ate before, for example, today I bought a spaghetti squash! I’ve never tried it but I’m looking foreward to finding a delicious way to prepare it. (Any ideas from anyone would be awesome ;)) I’ll let you guys know the results. 2) STAYING MOTIVATED! You must set your mind on a goal and do everything in your power to reach that goal. Whether it’s waking up early in the mornings or letting your friends talk you into cheat meals, don’t let your mind slip from your goal!! One cheat day will lead to more…be dedicated and find someone who will support and encourage you. 


Here are some new recent meal ideas that I have been preparing:


Cabbage, turkey & avocado wraps: way easy just assemble the turkey lunch meat (any kind will do but try to use one lower in sodium), add a few slices of avocado, roll them up and done! (you can add dressing if you’d like)


Oats, water, cinnamon,pumpkin pure, & stevia combine all in a bowl and microwave for about 3 1/2 mins….Mmmm


If you are one that doesn’t care for spinach try and sneak it in other dishes: add into your smoothies (I swear you can’t taste it), protein shakes (blended in a blender of course), sandwiches(instead of lettuce), and my new fav way to add it in my omelets!!!

Clean foods are not only excellent for you but also will leave your body feeling so much better and energized rather than sluggish and tired (alot of processed/junk foods do this) YOUR BODY WILL THANK YOU.

More to come 🙂