Disease Prevention related to Physical Activity Benefits

Link to article reference

Good evening readers!

First, I just want to say thanks to those who just clicked and opened my blog! Now, lets talk about the ways researchers are looking at to reduce risk for chronic diseases. (click the link above to read this article) The Academy of Nutrition Dietetics tells at least 150 minutes a week should be moderate to intensity aerobic physical activity + two days of muscle strengthening activities. 150 minutes can be as littles as ~21mins a day!!! However, many people have sedentary jobs that require long hours sitting in a chair and even individuals that continuously go to the gym about an hour are so called NOT “safe” from what attributes to sitting for long amounts of time. There are tips in this article that could really benefit those who have jobs in this category. So.. CHECK IT OUT!

Read it and then practice it!!! The little things you do to improve your health can take you a long way 🙂

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