Holiday Tips and Tricks

Good evening fellow readers!

Tonight I would like to address the time of year when many Americans over indulge and struggle to keep their health in check. Yes, this is time to enjoy treats and comfort foods, however, you don’t have to let it take over for the entire holiday season. I have come up with some tips to help stay on track during this time when cookies and candies become the norm.

  1. If  you know you are going to a holiday party that day, plan the rest of your meals accordingly.ex: For breakfast and lunch make sure to have a balance meal full of protein, fiber, and complex carbs. This is what I call a balanced diet. A LIFESTYLE. Knowing that you ate well earlier in the day should assure you that indulging in a few treats at the party isn’t going to hurt your health.
  2. Choose a smaller plate. By doing so you can fill this plate up nice and full, yet still have less items than if you had a large plate. This will help with portion control, yet will make you feel as though you are getting a good amount to eat.
  3. If your one who almost always goes back for seconds, STOP, WAIT, THINK. Before acting upon routine, ask yourself– Am I really still hungry? or Am I getting more food just because it’s available? Don’t always feel like you have to overindulge just because it is a holiday. Often times with big get togethers there are plenty of left overs, therefore, wait a few hours then go back for another plate.
  4. Lastly, STAY ACTIVE! Many families typically watch movies, sports, or take naps after eating the main meal. This can still happen as I am all for christmas movies and getting rest, however, doing some physical activity can/should be a family effort. Be the motivator!! Encourage your family members to play a game of basketball, take a walk, go for a bike ride, or play an active Wii game.


Overall, my advice is to have BALANCE! That is how I have maintained my healthy lifestyle habits. You can’t restrict yourself from all the treats and goodies or you will go crazy. Therefore, have balance and making sure to eat healthy foods consistently, so when you do indulge it goes with the flow. It doesn’t upset you for “ruining your diet” because one bad meal won’t do so.


HAPPY HOLIDAYS YALL!!! Hope these tips help:)